Indoor plants beautify your business!
Flowering plants beautify your business!
Landscaping beautifies your business!
Plants & Design is an award winning professional interior plantscaping company that has been creating and maintaining cost-effective living interiors for our business and residential clients since 1977. We transform workspaces and homes into places of inspiration, beauty and health with colorful plants and interesting decorative planters which are custom designed to bring the Art of Nature to you.

Plants and Design is locally owned and operated, and is Tallahassee’s oldest and largest interior plant services provider. We are the area experts in interior landscaping, living walls and green roofs.

The Plants and Design staff is a dedicated group of trained horticulturists who go the extra mile to keep your business or home looking great! We love what we do, and it shows!

Service has always been the cornerstone of our business. Our many satisfied clients include restaurants, hotels, corporations, property management companies, offices of all sizes and upscale homes.

Living plants bring vibrancy to offices and buildings with sparkling flowers, delightful textures, cleaner air, and great first impressions!

      Living Plants in Workplaces...

  •   Reduce Employee Stress and Boost Morale 
  •   Raise Employee Productivity by 12%            
  •   Increase Tenant Occupancy and Retention 
  •   Improve the Indoor Air Quality, thus lowering absenteeism 
  •   More… 

       In Interior Plants?
  •   New types of plants
  •   Very unusual, cutting-edge decorative containers
  •   Lots and lots of vibrant color
  •   Living Walls and Green Roofs
  •   An avalanche of new studies documenting the amazing benefits of plants inside buildings


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