Beautiful plants 365 days a year!

Complete plant maintenance services are a Plants & Design specialty!  These services insure the continuing healthy life of your green plant investment whether you are leasing or buying. 

Our team of trained horticulturists is experienced at working in corporate environments.  They are professional, courteous, discreet and attentive to every detail.   

Our qualified technicians will regularly visit your premises to inspect, feed, water, clean, prune and care for your plants, maintaining their original well-kept and vibrant appearance. 

Replacements will be made when necessary, and personal touches may be added as requested. Maintenance, professionally handled, offers you the full assurance that your plants will remain attractive and that your investment will be protected over the months and years to come.


Our Guarantee…Beautiful plants 365 days a year!
We do it all so you don't have to!


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Whether you're interested in indoor plants, container gardens, living walls, flowering plants or outdoor landscaping, we’ll be happy to offer suggestions to make your space more distinctive, inviting, healthy, and productive.

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