We will design and install your plants for you.  We are known for creative, innovative, cost-effective design.  Then, you have several choices:  

  1. You can purchase your plants and containers and you can maintain them yourself if you prefer.  
  2. Or, you can purchase the plants and containers and we can maintain them for you, and you get our great plant replacement guarantee.
  3. Or, you can purchase the containers and lease the plants, and we maintain them with our plant replacement guarantee.


The purchase option is the most cost-effective when you have an elaborate design with high-end containers, because it is more cost effective for you to purchase high-end containers than to lease them.  Then, you still have the option to either purchase your plants or lease the plants.  (See the leasing page for further explanation).

  •   Hotels, offices, restaurants, banks, lobbies, atriums, upscale homes…
  •   Plants are the fastest, least expensive way to brighten your workspace, improve air quality and boost employee satisfaction and productivity.
  •   We tailor our plant, floral and maintenance programs to fit your needs and your budget. We offer design services, installation and maintenance of interior plants and trees, container gardens, floral programs, exterior visual impact landscaping, plus living walls and green roofs.
  •   Indoor plants, container gardens, water features, accent lighting, living walls, green roofs and more.
  •   Our innovative custom designs and our great maintenance programs keep your plants attractive and healthy 365 days a year!


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