Outdoor Plants and Container Gardens…

Imagine a colorful bed of flowers by your front door as you walk into your building – it starts your day with a smile!
Flowers and container gardens at the entries to buildings create a memorable first impression of your business, and give you all the benefits of positive branding.

Landscape color, texture and form at your focal points creates excitement and a positive image with your customers.  Your building looks more welcoming.  High visual impact landscaping at focal points around buildings and homes is one of our specialties!  

Even if your entry is an expanse of concrete, you can add container gardens with plants and flowers for a burst of natural beauty and color.  Container gardens cool down hot areas and bring a feeling of nature and beauty everywhere you put them.

We create and install:

  •    Container Gardens
  •    Butterfly Gardens
  •    Hummingbird Gardens
  •    Plantings to attract Honey Bees
  •    Private Meditation, Relaxation and Renewal Gardens
  •    Recreation Areas, Pools, Spas and Outdoor Showers
  •    Waterfalls, Landscape and Ambient Outdoor Lighting

We have many options to fit your budget

Relax and enjoy the Great Outdoors Right in Your Own Home!


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