Plants are important in any building. Here's why...

When you walk into a building or reception area, what do you see? The first impression that you have creates identity and branding for that business.

If you see colorful, vibrant plants, trees and flowers you instantly have a great first impression.
And, that creates positive branding!


  •   People spend 90% of their time indoors, and indoor spaces are 5 - 10 times more polluted than outdoor spaces.
  •   Plants clean pollutants like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, benzene, nitrogen oxide from the air. They remove carbon dioxide and replace it with oxygen.  And all of this has been proven to reduce employee absenteeism.  (See Research)
  •   Studies also show a 12% increase in employee performance when there are plants in the workplace. That translates into approximately $23 per day per employee in improved productivity.  (See research).



  •   Plants are the fastest, most cost-effective way to change negative perceptions and upgrade your workplace.
  •   Artwork, furniture and carpeting are major expenses that can't be easily changed, but…
  •   A plant program or a rotating floral program can renew your space every few months. 


       That's a cost-effective way to keep your entrance areas fresh, vibrant and interesting!


  •   Plants reduce stress and raise employee productivity by 12%, so plants deliver a profit!   (See Research).
  •   Plants reduce pollutants in the building's air, thus reducing absenteeism.  (See Research).
  •   Plants provide an amazing 334% R.O.I. They are a solid return on investment.  (See Research).
  •   Plants increase tenant occupancy and the tenants stay longer.  (See Research).
  •   Plants create visual impact and design drama by adding color, form and texture to the work space.
  •   Plants project an image of professionalism and success.
  •   Offices with views of greenery are highly sought after, and hotel rooms with garden views are reserved first and command higher rates.
  •   Plants reduce office noise pollution by 5 dB due to their ability to absorb sound.
  •   Plants hide or screen off unattractive areas of the building and direct pedestrian traffic where you want it to go.
  •   Plants increase retail spending. Relaxed shoppers spend more.
  •   Plants bring nature indoors, which enhances human well-being.


Plants are a “Must Do” green incentive to keep 
clients, tenants and customers happy and healthy!



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